Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



1932 - The Extension Book (1st edition, December 1932) - Trade Badges (for Rangers and Guides over sixteen):

Extension Trade badges may be worn by any Ranger or Guide over sixteen years of age who is a member of an Extension company, and who is earning her own living or qualified to do so in any profession or trade.

1) After one year's paid work in any one place of employment on the recommendation of the employer, supervisor or medical superintendent or

2) On the production of a certificate from a trade or technical school or

3) After a year's voluntary and continuous work of not less than thirty-six hours per week on the recommendation of the supervisor or medical superintendent.

A Ranger or Guide must have been six months in the company before she may wear the Extension Trade badge.  The badge is worn on the right upper arm.  On leaving the Extension company and joining an open company, the Ranger or Guide must give up the Extension Trade badge, and take the Ranger Trade badge in the usual way.