Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



2019 (July) Badge Finder - Survival

1. Make an emergency shelter and explain what needs to be considered when selecting a site for it.

2. Demonstrate one way of collecting water.

3. Pack a bag for a day trip to an area unknown to you. This may be an urban or rural location.

4. Describe early signs of extreme weather conditions.

5. Choose two activities from the following list and demonstrate them: 
• Show one way of finding north without using a compass. 
• Light a fire and cook a two-course meal without utensils. 
• Recognise three edible and three non-edible plants (you may use pictures). Explain how you could use the edible plants in a menu. 
• Prepare an emergency survival kit either for an urban area or for a rural area. Explain why you have chosen each item.

6. Know how to use a street map and plan a route to a given location.

7. Find out about your local transport system, including the times of the last train, bus, Tube or coach to your home.