Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses


1995 Brownie Guide Badge Book - Sight Awareness Badge Stage 1

1) Make a collage or sculpture which a blind or partially-sighted person can handle and describe.  Try to use materials which will feel interesting.
2) Find out and tell the tester about guide dogs for the blink and how they are trained.
3) Identify six objects correctly by touch and six by smell.
4) Explain how to approach and introduce yourself to a blind or partially-sighted person.
1995 Brownie Guide Badge Book - Sight Awareness Badge Stage 2

1) Make a short recording of at least three stories or articles you would like to share with a blind person of your own age.
2) Know something of the work of one of the National Voluntary Organisations which serve the needs of blind or partially-sighted people, such as:
* British Talking Book Service
* Royal National Institute for the Blind
Share this information with members of your Unit.
3) Take part in a game or activity in your Unit wearing either a blindfold or a pair of covered glasses.  
4) Tell the tester about the different coloured canes, their use and meaning, and find your way around a room blindfolded but with the aid of a cane.
1995 Brownie Guide Badge Book - Sight Awareness Badge Stage 3

1) Using an alphabet card if necessary, read and write a message in Grade 1 Braille and write your Promise using a Braille Frame and Stylus so that a third person may read it.
2) Find out something about a famous blind person, for example, Louis Braille, Helen Keller, Laura Bridgeman, Arthur Sculthorpe or David Blunkett MP, and tell the tester what you have learned.
3) Find out about local organisations/facilities for the blind, for example, talking newspapers, sports associations, scented gardens.
4) List three hazards that a person may encounter because of their sight loss and what safety devices are available to help, for example, around pedestrian crossings, cooker knobs and liquid level indicators.
5) know the best way to 'guide' a blind person.  Lead a blindfolded partner and show how to guide that person to a chair.
6) Describe the shape and contents of a room so that a blind or blindfolded person can safely negotiate her or his way around it.
1995 Brownie Guide Badge Book - Sight Awareness Badge Stage 4

1) Learn the deafblind alphabet and use it to introduce yourself.  Teach the deafblind alphabet to  group and design some activities to practice its use.
2) Find out about the history of aids for improving vision, for example, glasses, contact lenses, and the causes and treatment of blindness.
3) Find out what it is like to be blind or partially sighed by talking to someone with this disability.  Find out how they overcome some of the difficulties they encounter and explain this to the tester.
4) Experience for yourself what it is like to be led by a person using the 'Sighted Guide' technique, while your vision is artificially impaired.
5) Make or adapt a game for a child with a vision impairment.
6) Either
Design something which will enable a blind person to become more independent.
Learn 'Sighted Guide' skills and, for approximately ten minutes, be able to guide the tester safely round a route chosen together, using appropriate strategies to overcome any problems.  The route should include:
a) crossing a road
b) steps or stairs
c) a doorway
d) reaching for an object.