Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



Ranger Certificates and Qualifications 1991 - Ranger Quest badge

The Ranger Quest will enable you to discover more about your own religion, as well as faiths different to your own.  It will also give you a greater understanding of the first part of the Promise.

The badge consists of a large Q, the initla of Quest, enclosing a Trefoil, which represents the Guide Promise and its central position in the Guide Programme.  Superimposed on this is a stylised form of the compass needle found in the design of the World Badge, which gives a sense of direction and purpose to Guides everywhere.  We hope that, by working on the Ranger Quest, you will experience some of the feelings of exploration and discovery symbolised by this compass needle.

All three parts of the badge must be completed.

Part I

1) Be able to describe the significance of a religions festival of your own faith.

2) Know someting of the life and work of two outstanding past or present members of your own faith, and explain why they were or are happy working for God.

3) Make a collection of prayers, quotations, readings, etc., some of which can be of your own composition, which you have found helpful.

4) Either tell the tester about six hymns or sacred songs which you have enjoyed, and which have perhaps helped you, or discuss with the tester a book you have read that has helped you to a fuller understanding of your own faith.

Part II

1) Read Notes for Guiders on Religious Faiths.

2) Find out about a festival central to the worship of another faith.

3) Find out about the worship of at least two different faiths or denominations, other than your own, preferably by attending a service with a practising member.  Discuss the service with him or her, or read some relevant books, and discuss them with the tester.

4) Study and comment on six passages of sacred writings from at least two different faiths.

Part III

1) Attend your place of worship regularly, and tell the tester about some aspects of the worship that you enjoy.  If possible, take on some responsibilities connected with its activities and maintenance.

2) Find out all you can about the opportunities for worship in your area.

3) Help a group of young people to plan or contribute to an act of worship, or compile a book of prayers.

4) Tell the tester what reasons you would give for the importance you attach to having a personal faith.