Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



1991 Guide Badge Book - Quest Badge

1) a) Make a book containing seven original prayers based on different themes (one for each day of the week).  You may illustrate the book yourself or find pictures which you feel are suitable.

Arrange to give this to a child in hospital, a Brownie or a boy or girl who lives in a childrens home, or a younger friend or relative.

b) start or add to your own collection of prayers.  Be prepared to explain to your assessor your reasons for choosing or writing certain prayers in your collection.

2) Either

Make a daily study of part of your faith's sacred writings.  Keep a record for a month of what you read and make notes each day under these three headings:

Something I have Learned

Something I must Ask About

Something I must Do


Choose six passages from the Bible, Koran or other Holy Book that you find helpful or enjoy for a particular reason.  Be prepared to explain your choice.  Learn by heart a passage of your own choice.

Choose four passages from the Gospels which you feel explain for us today how Jesus would have us act in certain everyday situations, e.g. travelling on a bus, living as a family, entertaining visitors.  Learn by heart some of the sayings of Jesus.

3) Borrow a book from your school, place of worship or local library that will help you gain more knowledge of your faith, e.g. a book about Jesus, the Holy Land, or heroes of your faith, including men and women who are alive today.  Be prepared to tell your assessor about some information that you have found interesting.

4) Either

Find out something about the work of a Missionary Society or organisation which is working for the good of others.  Present your findings as a display that will help others to gain a clear representation of the task being undertaken by the organization you have been studying.


Interview people to find out the things that happen because your place of work exists, such as missionary work, aid to needy people, Samaritans, Pensioners' Clubs, pre-school play groups, sick visiting, etc.  Make a list then find out more details and write about one of them.

Make a scrapbook of pictures which show people doing something which you feel illustrates the Christian way of life in action, or compile a book based on the life of a man or woman who you think has been or is a real example to all Christians.

5) a) Draw a plan of your own place of worship, naming each part of the building.  Show this to your Minister of Religion and find out if he knows any interesting stories about it.

b) In consultation with your Minister of Religion carry out a job that needs doing.  This could include cleaning your place of worship, needlework, handicraft and some sort of service to the community.

6) Help to carry out a Guide's Own Service in your Company meeting or in camp.  Get your Patrol to help you and if you wish, other members of the Company.  First you must suggest to your planning Committee a number of themes for the Service.  Choose together which of these your service will be based upon.  Then plan music, readings, or other ways you think will help to make your service meaningful worship of God for those taking part.  Your assessor should be invited to attend and you should be able to talk to him/her about your ideas.

1995 - Quest becomes a Staged Badge.