Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



1939 POR - Physical Training Badge

1) Have a good upright carriage and walk and run well.

2) Be attending gymnastic classes at school or some other approved physical training centre at least once a week.

3) Perform a table of free standing exercises.  (This may be according to the Swedish or British system).

4) Perform two of the following in good style on the narrow side of a balancing form or bar: 

a) Walk forward, throwing and catching a ball at every step.

b) Walk sideways without support.

c) Stand on form, lift arms and right leg sideways, replace, step forward and repeat, raising other leg.

d) Walk with knees full bend and stretch every third step.

5) Do two of the following in good style: 

a) Climb a rope at least 16 feet.

b) Travel sideways on bar or wallbars, both ways.

c) Travel backwards on bar.

d) Hand stand unsupported.

e) Reverse hanging vertically between two ropes.

f) Under and over somersault on bar.

6) Jump 3 feet 4 inches in good style.

7) Do three of the following in good style:

a) Fence vault from either side.

b) Flank vault (either side)

c) Slow squat.

d) Long fly.

e) Cartwheel on right and left hand.

f) Thief vault.

* The tester should be a qualified gymnast, and whenever possible a woman.