Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



1995 Guide Badge Book - Manx Folk Badge

1) Know:

a) the words of the Manx National Anthem

b) the composition of the Manx flag

c) the motto and its meaning.

2) Make a scrapbook or some visual record to illustrate interesting features of the Isle of Man, its scenery, the main occupations of the people and its traditions.

3) Do any two of the following:

a) Tell a Manx folk story

b) Sing a Manx song

c) Take part in a Manx folk dance.

4) Show an understanding of the current position of the Isle of Man in relation to:

a) the United Kingdom

b) the European Union.

5) Know the date of Tynwald day and be able to describe simply what happens on that occasion.

6) Dress a doll in Manx costume

b) Cook something typically Manx.