Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



1978 Guide Handbook - Horsewoman Badge


1) As far as disability allows show a practical seat and position in walk and trot with an attempt to apply correct aids.

2) Be able to control your pony in an enclosed space (indoor riding school) and be able to steer, at the walk, a bending course and circles on both hands.

3) Walk and trot over a grid of poles.

4) Know how to lead a horse in hand.

5) Show some degree of suppleness and confidence by use of exercises while moving.


6) Recognise the essential items of the grooming kit, and know their uses.

7) Have an elementary knowledge of feeding and watering and understand the importance of cleanliness in the stable.

8) Know and if possible demonstrate how to remove the saddle correctly.

9) Know the points of a horse.

10) Show consideration for the pony.