Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



1942 (November) POR - Home Defence Badge

Personal Protection

1) Understand the care and use of gas masks.

2) Understand the care and use of babies' respirators (if available).

3) Show how to behave during an air-raid, indoors and out.

Protection of the Home.

1) Understand about the making and use of a simple gas-proof room.

2) Know the principles of dealing with fires, incendiary bombs, and methods of rescue form smoke-filled rooms; or hold the Fire Brigade Badge and know how to deal with incendiary bombs.

3) Make up a simple First Aid Box and understand its use; or hold Ambulance Badge.

4) Know three occupations which would keep children interested and less frightened during an air-raid.

General Knowledge

1) Know what air-raid precautions and casualty services exist in her locality.

2) Know the position of taps of main gas and water supplies in her own home, and how to use them.

3) a) Send and receive messages by telephone.

b) Give concise and accurate information (verbally and in writing) about any unusual occurrence.

c) Deliver in person a verbal message one mile away.