Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses


1995 Brownie Badge Book:
* Each of the four staged badges should be taken with the support of a member of the worshipping community to which you belong or where you would like to start your quest for faith.  Stage 1 is for you if you have no experience of a worshipping community.  If you already attend classes organised by your place of worship you will want to start on one of the later stages.  Every clause is designed for you - you must fit it into your pattern of worship, your talents and abilities, and our interests.  The adult helping you will want to be sure you have found out more about the faith of your choice than you knew when you started the badge, and that you have strengthened your understanding of the Promise.  Don't forget to show this syllabus to her or him.
1995 Brownie Badge Book - Faith Awareness Stage 1 Badge

1) Attend your place of worship regularly.
2) Take part in an act of worship in your Unit.
3) Show members of your Unit an item or ritual used in your place of worship
4) Draw or make a collage or a model of a religious celebration.
5) Talk to your Guider about a Good Turn you have done for your worshipping community and explain how it has helped you to understand your Promise.

1995 Brownie Badge Book - Faith Awareness Stage 2 Badge

1) Attend your place of worship regularly.  Draw a plan or picture or take a photograph of your place of worship.  Show this to a leader of your worshipping community and find out if she or he knows any interesting stories about it.
2) With your Six, Patrol or Unit, help to plan and carry out an act of worship in your Unit using mime, reading, music, dance, etc.
3) Read a book, watch a video or hear a story about someone whose faith plays an important part in her or his life.  Talk to an adult leader about your chosen person, who may be someone in the past or present.
4) Find out about the meaning of a religious festival of your own faith.  Tell your Si, Patrol, or Unit what you have learned.
5) Find out about an organisatino which is working for the good of others.  Use your findings to help others understand the purpose of the organisation.
6) Choose or write a prayer which is about keeping the Promise and use it at a suitable occasion.
1995 Brownie Badge Book - Faith Awareness Stage 3 Badge

1) Attend your place of worship regularly.  Undertake a responsibility in some activity of your worshipping community.
2) Enable a group of young people to plan and carry out an act of worship.
3) Find six passages in your holy book which relate to current everyday situations.  Explain (to an adult) why you chose them.
4) Either
Find out about the beliefs of at least two faiths or denominations different from your own.
Find out all you can about other opportunities for worship in your area.
5) Find out about the needs of a disadvantaged group in your local community.  Find out how you and/or your Unit can be of service to them.  Plan with others how to carry out this service.
6) Explain the meaning of the Promise to another member of The Guide Association.  Choose or write a prayer within your faith which helps understanding of the Promise.
1995 Brownie Badge Book - Faith Awareness Stage 4 Badge

1) Attend your place of worship regularly and undertake a responsibility within your worshipping community.
2) Oversee the planning of worship in your Unit for a term, ensuring that individual members and groups have the opportunity to plan and participate.
3) Study your holy book or sacred writings and be able to suggest suitable readings for two themes, such as peace, thanksgiving, forgiveness, or world, our community, etc.  Find or compose prayers to fit the themes you choose and use them at a suitable occasion.
4) Know the places and patterns of worship in your area and be able to direct others to them.
5) Become involved with a project supported by your worshipping community.
6) Find a Promise that is different from each of the four World Regions.  Discuss with your Commissioner the differences and what your won Promise means to you.