Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses


1995 Guide Badge Book - English Folk Badge

1) Explain the composition of the flag of St George and tell his story.
2) Make an interesting presentation (display, scrapbook, talk) on one of the following:
a) a local/national tradition, e.g. York/Lincoln mystery plays, wassailing/mummers' play, Guy Fawkes night, Olney pancake race
b) the origins of such dishes as Bath Oliver biscuits, Richmond maid of honour.
3) Either:
Take part in a Morris dance or other folk dance such as Cumberland Square Eight or Maypole dancing or the Playford selection.
Read and talk to your tester about Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
Tell a legend from your local area e.g. the Lambton Worm, Byardi Lear, Peg O'Nell etc.
Sing a folk song from your own area.
4) Explain the meaning of ten English place names.  Choose them from different counties.
5) a) Learn one of the following crafts: corn dollies, Dorset buttons, rag rug making, crazy patchwork, Somerset patchwork, barge painting, Durham quilting, basket making or pillow lace.
b) Make one of the following and take to the test: Eccles cakes, Shrewsbury biscuits, Bakewell pudding, Everton toffee, Grantham gingerbreads, Cornish pasties or Lincolnshire 'n' Melton Mowbray pork pie.