Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses


1995 Brownie Badge Book - Deaf Awareness Stage 1

1) Learn the manual alphabet and use it to:
a) tell the tester your name
b) ask the tester her/his name and understand her/his reply.
2) Find out and tell the tester about hearing dogs and their uses.
3) Take part in a game or activity with your Unit while wearing earplugs or headphones, making you unable to hear clearly.
4) Show the tester the correct way to approach a deaf person and how to speak to her or him in order for that person to lip-read.
1995 Brownie Badge Book - Deaf Awareness Badge Stage 2

1) Using a sign language and, where necessary, the manual alphabet, show you can:
a) introduce yourself to a deaf person and tell that person something about your home and a hobby you enjoy
b) understand something the tester tells you about herself or himself.
Make sure you know how to say 'I don't understand'.
2) Know something about the work of one of the National Voluntary Organisations serving the needs of deaf people and those with a hearing loss, such as:
* Friends of the Young Deaf
* The National Deaf Children's Society
* Sense.
Share this information with members of your Unit.
3) Show the tester the symbol that indicates which facilities have provision for people with a hearing impairment.
4) Know the importance of facial expression and gesture when communicating with a deaf person.  Find out what it is like to be deaf or to have hearing loss by talking to someone with this disability, and tell the tester how it affects that person's life.

1995 Brownie Badge Book - Deaf Awareness Badge Stage 3

1) Be able to sign a simple story, poem or song and answer six questions signed to you, replying in sign language.

2) Find out something about a famous deaf person (for example, Jack Ashley MP, Evelyn Glennie, Elizabeth Quinn or Beethoven) and tell the tester what you have learned.

3) What hazards or difficulties could a deaf person encounter in daily living and what safety devices are available to help, for example, fire alarms, minicom, etc?

4) Take part in a social event with one or more members of the deaf community , for example, at a club, school or special unit, or by helping on a holiday or play scheme.

1995 Brownie Badge Book - Deaf Awareness Badge Stage 4

1) Using sign language hold a conversation on a chosen subject with a deaf person for at least ten minutes.
2) Find out about the development of hearing aids to the present day, for example, the ear trumpet, phonic ear, etc.  Give a talk about them to a group of people.
3) Investigate the difficulties faced by someone with a hearing impairment who has an additional disability, for example, blindness, and explain these difficulties to the tester.
4) Make up or adapt a game for a child with a hearing loss.
5) Complete one of the following:
* Design something which will enable a deaf person to become more independent.
* Show the tester how you would teach road safety to a child with a hearing loss.
* Show the tester how you would make a house safe for a person with a hearing loss.