Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



1939 POR - Current Events Badge

1) Keep a record for three months showing notes of the three most important events in each week, read about it in the newspaper or heard on the wireless.

2) Have some knowledge of the life and achievements of five living celebrities in at least five walks of life.

3) Show an intelligent interest in, and some knowledge of, a few of the problems besetting the young folk of her own, and any other country of her choice.

4) Show a knowledge of what six State or voluntary organisations are doing for Social Welfare in her area.  Have a list of addresses to which applications should be made in cases of distress, etc., the list to be kept up to date as long as the badge is held.

5) Discuss the place in modern life of one of the following: advertisements; hire purchase system; cinema; wireless; betting and gambling.