Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



1995 Brownie Badge Book - Cooks Badge Stage 1

1) At the test make a snack, for example, egg on toast or a sandwich.  Show skills that include the correct and safe use of equipment, such as a chopping board, knives, etc.

2) Show your skill at preparing fresh fruit and vegetables.

3) Show your skill at preparing a healthy dish that requires little or not heat, for example, fruit salad or salad.

4) Tell the tester what you understand by the term 'safety in the kitchen'.

5) Know how to wash up and clear away afterwards.

1995 Brownie Badge Book - Cooks Badge Stage 2

1) Prepare a series of dishes showing culinary skills.  Your choice should take into account your culture and should include two items from each of the following groups:
* milk, cheese, yoghurt, soya milk
* fresh fruit and vegetables
* breads, cereals, rice, oats or pasta
* egg, fish, cheese, meat, poultry, tofu, peas, beans or other pulses.
2) Make a recipe book of the recipes you have tried and indicate whether they are tasty.
3) At the test, make a meal for yourself and the tester using convenience foods.
1995 Brownie Badge Book - Cooks Badge Stage 3

1) Plan, cook and serve a two-course meal showing your competence in the following areas:
a) method of cooking
b) skills and safety in using a cooker/microwave
c) presentation , including garnishing, serving and correct table laying.
2) Understand what is meant by a healthy diet and plan a week's menu accordingly.  For advice, refer to your Section Handbook or File.  You will also find that some supermarkets provide free leaflets on diet and nutrition.
3) Show your knowledge of good food hygiene practice when handling food, considering purchase, preparation and storage of food, and appropriate dress.
4) Using convenience foods create your own healthy dish at the test.  Say which type of consumer would eat convenience foods.
1995 Brownie Badge Book - Cooks Badge Stage 4

1) Over a period of six months, keep a record of recipes you make at home, school or college.  Show you have improved yours skills and how you can adapt recipes to suit dietary needs.  Dishes chosen should be recipes new to you, from magazines and other such resources.  Record your results - comments on how successful the dishes were and if they could be improved in any way.  Comments could be from those who have eaten them.
2) Plan, cook and serve a meal for a group of people.  Take a copy of the menu to the test and include planning and costings.
3) Take your favourite recipe tot he test and show the tester how to make it.  Explain why you have chosen it and describe its nutritional value.