Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



1918 POR - Clerk Badge

Show good handwriting, handprinting and figures.

Be able to use typewriting machine or write in shorthand from dictation at a rate of 20 words a minute as minimum.

Be able to write simple business letters, such as:-

a) An order to a shop enclosing P.O.

b) An application for a post.

c) An acknowledgement of money received.

d) Summarise a statement or narrative in less than one-third of the words used.

Should have kept accounts of personal expenditure for at least one month and bring to examination.

Should know how to write and cash a cheque and the meaning of the following terms:-

Bankrupt.  Solvent.  Interest.  Discount.  Invoice.  Balance.  Crossed Cheque.  Statement of Accounts.  

Should know how to address people of rank.

1938 Edition - Sea Sense (Sea Ranger Handbook) - this badge is available embroidered in blue, for Sea Rangers.