Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



Brownie Interest Badges

Brownie Interest Badges were first introduced in around 1916.  They were made of felt, in a downward-facing triangle shape.  They were made of coloured felt, and emboidered with symbols in thread but with no wording.  They were identical to those used for Wolf Cubs, other than the figure on the athlete badge being portrayed in a skirt rather than in shorts.  The badges were grouped and colour-coded by theme, and the original badges from c1916 were: 

Blue (Intelligence): Collector, Observer, Signaller.  Yellow (Handicraft): Artist, Weaver (later called craft), Woodworker.  Red (Service for Others): First Aider, Guide, House Orderly.  Green (Physical Health): Athlete, Swimmer, Tennis Player.  

Further badges in the same style were introduced: Yellow: Booklover, Yellow: Gardener, Blue: Jester, Green: Team Player, Yellow: Toymaker.

Around WW2 the coloured felt badges were replaced by a uniform colour scheme for badges.  They were still made of felt fabric, but now all had yellow stitching on brown felt, and all were headed Girl Guides.  Like the coloured badges, these are rare - at that time, girls could not work for badges until they had gained Golden Hand Badge - which usually happened shortly before a girl left to 'Fly Up' to Guides - and it was also the rule that proficiency badges had to be returned to the Leaders when a girl left Brownies.  

The badges issued in this style were: Artist, Athlete, Booklover, Collector, Cyclist, First Aider, Gardener, Guide, House Orderly, Jester, Knitter, Musician, Needleworker, Observer, Signaller, Swimmer, Team Player, Thrift, Toymaker, Weaver (craft), Woodworker, Writer.

In the late 1950s, the felt badges were replaced by woven badges.  Still in the same colour scheme of yellow stitching on brown cloth and triangular shape, the woven badges features an oversewn edge in matching brown thread.  These continued in use until the early 2000s, with some being added to the range over the years.  

The badges were: Agility, Animal Lover, Artist, Athlete, Booklover, Collector, Conservation, Computer, Communications, Cook, Crime Prevention, Cyclist, Dancer, Fire Safety, First Aider, Brownie Friendship, Gardener, Guide/Pathfinder, Hobbies, Hostess, House Orderly, Jester, Knitter, Musician, Music Lover, Needleworker, Observer/Discoverer, Pack Holiday, Pack Holiday Advanced, Photographer, Pony Rider, Quest*, Rambler, Radio Communicator, Road Safety, Safety In The Home, Science Investigator, Seasons, Short Tennis, Short Tennis Advanced, Signaller, Singer, Skater, Sportswoman, Stargazer, Swimmer, Swimmer Advanced, Thrift **, Toymaker, Water Rescuer, Weaver/Craft, Woodworker, World Culture, World Guiding, World Issues, Worldwide, World Traveller, Writer.

Notes: * Quest was an oval-shaped badge, unlike the regular triangle shape of other interest badges.  ** Thrift was with a bee design, and was withdrawn in the early 1970s, then reintroduced in the 1990s with a new 'piggybank' design.  These can be found with the pig facing in different directions, and both with and without a coin in the bank's slot.

In 2003 the previous badges were all withdrawn, and replaced with a new set.  These were rhombus-shaped, with a blue edging and a yellow background (advanced versions of badges had the same logos as the standard badges, but light blue backgrounds).  The logos of each were in full colour, and size could vary.  They will be withdrawn in Summer 2019.

The badges were: Agility, Artist, Booklover, Brownie Camper, Brownie Camper Advanced, Brownie Holiday, Brownie Holiday Advanced, Brownie Traditions, Circus Performer, Collector, Communicator, Computer, Cook, Cook Advanced, Craft, Crime Prevention, Culture, Cyclist, Dancer, Designer, Disability Awareness, Discovering Faith, Entertainer, Environment, Finding Your Way, Fire Safety, First Aid, First Aid Advanced, Friend To Animals, Gardener, Hobbies, Home Safety, Home Skills, Hostess, Musician, Number Fun, Out And About, Rider, Road Safety, Science Investigator, Seasons, Speaker, Sports, Stargazer, Swimmer, Swimmer Advanced, Toymaker, Water Safety, Watersports, Wildlife Explorer, World Cultures, World Guiding, World Issues, World Traveller, Writer.

In 2014, to mark the centenary of Brownies, limited edition versions of some of the Brownies were produced, including the '100' logo, and reversing the ordinary/advanced colour scheme.  Not all of the badges were produced with the logo, the ones which were produced were: Agility, Brownie Camper, Brownie Camper Advanced, Brownie Holiday, Brownie Holiday Advanced, Circus Performer, Communicator, Cook, Cook Advanced, Craft, Disability Awareness, Environment, Finding Your Way, Friend To Animals, Hobbies, Out And About, Road Safety, Sports, World Cultures, World Guiding, World Issues, World Traveller.

In July 2018 a new range of Interest badges were introduced, to link with the new programme, again in Rhombus shape.  The badges are colour coded for each theme, and are:

Know Myself: Collecting, Local History, My Rights.  Express Myself: Baking, Painting, Performing.  Be Well: Dancing, Grow Your Own, Mindfulness.  Have Adventures: Archaeology, Aviation, Space.  Take Action: Charities, Speaking Out, Zero Waste.  Skills For My Future: Inventing, Jobs, Languages.