Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



1981 Guide Handbook - Blue Trefoil Badge

Make progress in keeping each of the Eight Points:

Thinking For Yourself

Keeping Fit

Keeping the Guide Law

Exploring The Arts

Getting To Know People

Giving Service

Becoming A Homemaker

Enjoying The Out Of Doors.

Dropped in 1983 when Baden-Powell Award introduced.

1988 Trefoil Badges Supplement to Guide Handbook - Blue Trefoil Badge

You may start work for the Blue Trefoil any time after your 13th birthday and complete it before your 15th birthday.  Before starting work for your Blue Trefoil Badge you must already hold the Red Trefoil Badge.

1) Continue to take a full part in your Patrol activities and use what you have learnt so far to help your Patrol to undertake one of the following:

a) Patrol Purpose Patch.

b) Patrol Interest Pennant.

c) A Patrol Project of a similar kind (e.g. Patrol Interest Badge).

2) Gain your Guide Camp Permit or a Collective Emblem.

3) Do three of the following:

a) Take a badge involving home craft skills or

Take on a new homecraft responsibility in your home or Unit, which is acceptable to your family and your Guider.  Do it to the best of your ability for at least three months.

b) Design a collection of clothes suitable for:

i) an informal occasion.

ii) a formal occasion.

Take into account the cost, style and materials used.  Be prepared to discuss your collection with an interested adult (and/or your Patrol).

c) Using a manikin or mask, demonstrate artificial ventilation, and the recovery position.  In case of an accident, be able to recognise the vital signs and know how to contact the Emergency Services.

d) Take the Guide Friendship Badge or organize an International evening for your Patrol or unit.

e) Take an Outdoor Badge or

Go on a 10 kilometer hike with at least two other girls.  This should involve cooking a two-course meal or some other specific purpose.

f) Take a Religious Knowledge Badge or

Discuss your understanding and the meaning of the Promise and Law with a leader of your own religion.

4) Find out as much as you can about Rangers and/or Young Leaders from relevant publications and either visit a Ranger Unit or event or attend a Young Leaders Meeting.

5) Set yourself a target on any of the Eight Points which you have not already covered in Clause 3.

When you have completed your Blue Trefoil talk over with your Guider the progress you have made whilst working for this badge and how you have tried to keep your Promise.