Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



1939 POR - Beauty Lover Badge

The candidate may only enter for the badge on the recommendation of her company, who will certify that she has shown courtesy and consideration in her dealings with others.

1) Bring to the test a book kept over a period of at least six months, containing things that appeal to her as being beautiful, such as: quotations, favourite poems, reproductions of famous pictures, photographs of buildings, etc.

2) In the six months previous to the test have been to any two of the following, and give a short appreciation of one of them:

a) a play of her own choice

b) a film on a subject other than modern fiction

c) a lecture (may be wireless)

d) a concert (may be wireless)

3) Show in her personal appearance that she understands:

a) the care of her skin, hair, teeth, nails, etc., with a view to making the best of herself;

b) the benefit of physical exercise leading to grace of carriage and posture;

c) how to wear her uniform to the best advantage.

4) Understand the adaptation of dress to figure, type and occasion, and the use and abuse of make-up.

Consideration will be given to the type of job the candidate is in.