Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



1939 POR - Senior Athlete Badge

(Rangers taking this badge should produce evidence that they play games or swim at least one a week.)

1) Have an easy, upright carriage and be able to walk and run well.

2) Show proficiency in two of the following, and a knowledge of the rules, one to be taken from each group:

a) Rounders, tennis, cricket, badminton, stoolball, golf.

b) Hockey, lacrosse, netball (or basket ball), "Touch and Pass".

(N.B. - Swimming (30 yards in 24 secs, knowledge of two strokes, able to dive, may be substituted for any one game in Group a) or b).

3) Throw a cricket or rounders ball in good style 85 feet.

4) Jump 3 feet 4 inches in height with good style or run 100 yards in 13 seconds.

5) Skip (a) for one minute continuously; b) showing six steps accurately, not necessarily continuously.