Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



2003 - Brownie Adventure On Book


* How Do I Feel - draw faces in the spaces to show how you feel.  Draw smiles or frowns, depending on how you feel.  There is room for three weeks.  Talk to one of your leaders about what makes you happy or sad.  Tell her what you do to make yourself cheerful if you feel a bit down.

* You're Living History - Find out about famous people who kept a diary.  Keep a diary of the things that happen to you, your dreams and ideas, your feelings and experiences.

* Are You A Bookworm - Fill in the bookspines to show the different books you have read.  Tell a Brownie friend about your favourite book, and what made it special for you.

* More Than A Book - Are you a web-whizz?  What about being a film buff?  Do you love DVDs?  Are you into computer games?  Show a Brownie friend your favourite web site - tell her why it's your number one.  Which videos and DVDs would you tell your friends they must see?  What makes a good film for you?  What's the best computer game you've played?  Talk to a leader about your answers.

* How Fit Are You - Colour in the three targets to indicate: How many minutes you can run non-stop, how many widths you can swim, how many minutes you can skip without a break.  Make a record of what exercise you do each day for a week.

* Getting Better - Set yourself a keep fit challenge, create a plan, set a goal, talk to your Leader about your plan, then set to following it.  Keep a record of how well you did.

* Easy To Join - How easy would it be for a Brownie or Leader who uses a wheelchair or has hearing problems to join in the fun you have at Brownies.  Consider aspects to think about.

* Teeth For Life - Try a tooth care quiz to see how healthy your smile really is.

* Safe As Houses - think about where you live or where you meet for Brownies.  What changes might you need to make to ensure it was safe for a person with a baby or toddler, a teenager who was visually-impaired, or an elderly person who uses a walking frame.

* I Feel Good - What are your special talents?  Write down some of the things that make you special, and talk to a Leader about them.

* Dream Home - Design your dream bedroom on a large sheet of paper.  Or make a 3D model in a box.

* Not Just Dreams - Pick one of your dreams and work out how to make it happen, think through what you need to do to achieve it, talk through your plan with your Guider, then carry it out.  Then try it, and review how it worked.

* Fighting Fire - Go round your home making a map of the rooms.  Mark on it potential fire exits.  Decide which would be the best ones to use in an emergency.  Make sure everyone in your home knows the plan, and practice using it.  

* Food For All - Find out about foods adapted to diets, such as diabetic chocolate, kosher meat, nut-free cereal, organic bananas.  What are the prices like compared to the 'usual' version.  How do ingredients differ?  Lok at the ingredients in two makes of baked beans or jam - what are the ingredients in each, which is the tastiest, and which is the healthiest?


* Blooming Lovely - Plant a bulb, and tend it so it grows and flowers.

* In The Frame - Collect or draw pictures of each member of your six, mount it on a flower-head shape of card or funky foam, attach them to green garden canes and display in a vase.

* Again And Again - Try recycling glass, paper, cans, or clothes.  Find out how they can be recycled in your area.

* Past Games - Find out about games your parents, grandparents or older friends used to play, and try playing them.

* Bird Life - Ask a birdwatcher to talk to your Six or Pack about birds that can be found in your area, and plan what questions to ask them.

* Big Watch - Take part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

* Friend To Birds - Encourage birds to come to your garden by feeding them appropriate foods in a suitable location.  

* Animal Magic - Think about a pet you know, and it's preferences.

* Happy Talk - Try spelling some names and phrases using the BSL language.

* Home Zone - Draw a picture or make a model of your favourite part of where you live, and then one of an area you'd like to see improved.  Draw a sketch of the are near your home, school or meeting place and mark on it the potential dangers.

* Water Wise - Make a poster or mime a scene to illustrate the Water Safety Code.

* Down At The Farm - visit a farm or city farm, see how they keep the farm safe and make a poster to show what you find out.


* Our Planet - Make a scrapbook of creatures from different places around the world.

* Earth Sun-Catcher - Make a sun-catcher of the earth using tissue paper in a black paper frame.

* Global Grub! - Find out where the international foods come from, and where those countries are on a map or globe.

* Exotic Foods - Plant pips or stones from fruit, and try to grow a plant from them.

* WAGGGS Africa - Make and decorate flour-and-paper beads, then string them onto wool to make a necklace.

* WAGGGS Arab - Make Falafel 

* WAGGGS Asia Pacific - Make fruity chapatis

* WAGGGS Europe - Make castanets from stiff card and 2p coins.

* WAGGGS Western Hemisphere - Braid hair with coloured wool strands.

* Rights - Which of the statements are important to you and your Brownie friends - discuss what you think with your Guider.

* Camouflage - Look at the camouflage which different creatures use, then try designing a new animal which will have good camouflage.

2019 (July) Badge Finder - Adventure On Badge

To achieve your Adventure On badge, you have to:

  • Continue to explore what your Promise means to you.
  • Do at least one new interest badge.
  • Go on an adventure away from your meeting place and help decide what you do.
  • Take part in an activity with girls from another section (Rainbows, Guides or The Senior Section)
  • Take part in three new YOU activities
  • Take part in three new COMMUNITY activities
  • Take part in three new WORLD activities
  • Put forward ideas in a pow-wow to help decide what happens at Brownies

Use your Brownie Adventure book to find activities and write down what you do for this badge. You can talk with your Brownie leader about the things that you have done.