Leslie's historic UK Guide Badge Syllabuses



2004 Brownie Adventure Book - Adventure Badge

Do as many challenges as you wish, including some from each of the three sections.


* My Good Turns - colour in a hand picture each time you do a good turn this week.

* Let Us Talk - Try different means of communication such as e-mail, greetings, card, letter, phone call, postcard, sign language, text message, secret code.  Visit the Girlguiding  UK Brownie pages and send an email.  

* Healthy Body - try do eat five pieces of fruit or vegetable each day.

* Swim Swim - Learn to swim, or if you can, try diving or lifesaving classes.

* Good Sense - Try using your different senses, and thin about when they are affected, such as when you have a cold.  Which of your senses would you miss most if you didn't have it?

* Sun Safe - Draw a poster, write a poem or make up a song that will help people to remember 'Slip, Slap, Slop'.

* Staying Safe - Draw a map of your route to Brownies, the park, or school.  Mark a green cross where you cross a road.  Make sure you only cross at a safe place.  What should you think about when crossing the road at night, during winter, in the summer, or in the rain?

* Safe At Home - spot the dangers in the picture.

* Clean Hands - Mix some liquid soap with poster paint, cover your hands with the mixture, then let them dry.  Then, with your eyes closed, try to wash your hands thoroughly.  Open your eyes - how clean are your hands?  Now try to finish cleaning your hands until they are really clean.  How  easy was it?

* Tasty Treats - Think about the healthy and unhealthy foods you have eaten in the last seven days.  Which were your favourites, which did you eat too much of or too little of?

* Only Fingers In The World - take prints of your fingerprints.  Then collect them from your friends, compare them, then use them to make a collage.

* My Eye - Take a closer look at your eyes, study one carefully and look at all the different colours in it, then try to draw a picture of your eye showing them.

* Promise Tree - Choose something you want to do and write it on the trunk of the tree picture.  Then think about what you could do to wards managing it - write each of these ideas on the branches.  Then colour in leaves when you manage it.

* Going and Growing - Think about which foods you should eat for good health.  Then make a healthy muesli recipe containing fruit and nuts.

* Easter - Pierce and decorate eggs, like the ones Carl Faberge made in Russia.

* Eid-Ul-Fitr - Make and decorate a card using one of the patterns.

* Holi - draw an outline picture then decorate it with spatter-painting.

* Rosh Hashanan - make a Jewish honey cake.

* Hola Hohalla - choose a sport, set yourself a challenge to improve your skills, then try to put it into action.

* Tea Time - Learn how to make and serve tea.


* Friendly Food - Make gingerbread figures and decorate them to represent people who help in the community.

* Get Wrapped - learn how to wrap gifts.

* Special Design - Glue string onto a tin can or block of wood then dip it into paint to make printed patterns.  Or make a pop-up card.

* Reduce - Try to use less packaging so there is less waste to throw away - loose fruit rather than packaged, drinks in reusable bottles, larger packs or refills.

* Re-Use - Turn old cards or envelopes into notebooks, use old jars for storage, or make toys for young children from boxes.

* Re-Cycle - Organise your home's recycling for a week.  Check what can be recycled.  Take unwanted clothes or toys to a jumble sale or charity shop.

* Get Local - Find out what you can recycle locally, and what you can't.

* Country Care - check the faults in the picture.  Find out about the Country Code, Highway Code and Green Cross Code.

* Bird Life - Make a bird pudding and hand it in a suitable place.

* One Good Turn Deserves Another - Fill in the chart to record your good turns this week at home, school, and with friends.  Try for at least one of each daily.

* Talk Time - try to communicate with out talking.  Try Charades, or use miming to try to ask or answer a question.

* Find Your Way - try to find your way around the world wide web.  can you find information about a local historical figure, what is on at your local cinema or theatre, what sports facilities or clubs there are in your area, or about a place you might take a visitor.

* Top Trees - take a look out of your window, or with an adult visit a local park or wood, and try to spot ash, beech, birch, alder, sycamore, hawthorn, hazel, holly, horse chestnut, oak or willow trees.

* Tree Pictures - Make a bark rubbing, cut out a tree shape from it, then create a painted background to display it on.  Paint a leaf to apply leaf prints onto the trunk.

* Animal Lives - find out about animals which live and work together in a community.

* Bee Mobile - Make a mobile using mini sponge balls and a wire coat hanger.

* The National Anthem - Learn the words and try singing it.  Make up a short play or scene to show what it means to you.

* Local Legends - Do you know any local legends?  Make an illustrated story or comic strip and share it with younger children.

* Local Songs - is there a song about your area?  Find out about it and learn all the words.


* Super Stars  Spot the constellations Cassiopeia, Ursa Major and Orion.

* My Own Star Show - Make a disc of dark cardboard to tape onto the end of a household torch   Make holes in the paper in the pattern of a constellation and use the torch to project it on to a wall.

* Cupboard Love - Many foods we eat come from abroad.  Find out which of the foods you eat come from abroad.

* Way Up High - look at a map of the world and trace the UK.  Cut out your tracing and use it to compare the size of Britain to other counties.  Find out how may people live in your town, your country, and the world.

* Close-Up Action - Take some close-up photographs of everyday things.  Can your Brownie friends work out what they are?

* Get Green-Fingered - Plant some seeds such as radishes, tomatoes, sunflowers, or nasturtiums.

* World Thinking Day - Make some biscuits then decorate them with blue and green icing to look like the world.  Or organise a Thinking Day celebration for your unit.

* Animals in Danger - Design a poster or write a poem about an endangered species, and ask if you can display it at your meeting lace.

* Gorgeous Giant - Make an elephant stand-up card and send it to a friend to tell them about the threats elephants face.

* Down The Plug? - Try water saving tips such as putting a plastic bottle in the toilet cistern, using buckets of water to clean cars or bikes rather than a hose, having showers instead of baths, etc.

* Fair Play Together - Find out about the Olympic games.  Choose a sporting event and keep a scrapbook of pictures and articles from newspapers, magagazine and the internet about it.

* Lapp Mark - Make a bookmark in the style of the brightly-decorated clothes worn by Laplanders in North Sweden.

* Holiday Style - Think about a place you would like to visit, design an outfit you might wear to visit their, to suit the climate.

* On Your Feet - Decorate some flip-flops for a glam look.

* Glittering Jewels - Make jewellery using paper beads.

* Your Birthstone - Find out which birthstone is associated with different months, use it as an inspiration for making a birthday card.

2019 (July) Badge Finder - Brownie Adventure Badge

To achieve your Adventure badge, you have to:

  • Do your best to keep your Promise
  • Find out about the Promise and explore what the Promise means to you
  • Do at least one interest badge
  • Take part in an activity with girls from another unit
  • Go on an adventure away from your meeting place
  • Take part in three YOU activities
  • Take part in three COMMUNITY activities
  • Take part in three WORLD activities
  • Take part in a Pow-wow to help decide what happens at Brownies.

Your Brownie Adventures book can help you get this badge and gives you a place to write down all the activities you do. Fill it out and talk with your Brownie leader about your Brownie Adventure so far.